BitConnect Coin (BCC Coin) mining is the process by which new BCC Coin are being generated, BitConnect Coin can be mined as : –

  • BitConnect Coin Mining PoW (Proof of Work) through CPU Mining or GPU Mining.  It doesn’t need an ASIC miner like BitCoin (BTC) does.
    (PoW Coin : 2.6 Million)
  • BitConnect Coin Staking – PoS (Proof of Stake) through its Desktop Wallet hold your BitConnect Coin minimum for 15 days to start earning Staking Interest.
    (PoS Coin : 20.4 Million)

NOTE : As per Company, No more new coin generate with PoW Algorithm after 262800 PoW blocks. Only PoS algorithm continue to generate new coins until all 28 million BCC Coin will come in to existence